Thursday, July 21, 2022

The neofascist SCOTUS assault on U.S. citizens' Constitutional rights

 The now on balance neofascist United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade last month and continued the vicious assault on the rights of U.S. citizens striking down a New York law that stood for a century limiting who could carry a concealed weapon in public (the right-wing, cowardly justices waited to release the opinion as several more mass shootings took place in Buffalo and Uvalde).  The neofascist majority also ruled that anyone who is arrested and not told their Miranda rights (the right to remain silent) cannot thereafter sue police for violation of their 5th Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

It is long past time to reform one of the most unaccountable and undemocratic institutions in the federal government, specifically and intentionally designed as such.  In no reasonable sense ought an on balance neofascist court be stacked by GQP presidents who lost the popular vote, but nevertheless secured the slave states' compromise of the electoral college thereby undermining the popular will and enforcing a tyranny of the minority.  If these ludicrous life-time appointments are not altered to specific term-limits and if the number of seats on the SCOTUS isn’t expanded to correct for the couple of seats recently stolen by the GQP and to account for the number of circuit courts, then the neofascist wrecking-ball that is the current SCOTUS will continue to damage the United States and the Constitutional law upon which it is supposed to be predicated.  

The neofascist SCOTUS has indicated that other Constitutional rights previously upheld by the SCOTUS itself are likely to be overturned such as marriage equality and even contraceptive rights.  If the Biden-Harris White House doesn't move to get Congress to act then the administration may well turn out to be a weak holding action merely occupying the White House in between GQP administrations, extending echoes of their right-wing imperialist foreign policies, and could too easily usher in the fascists proper. 

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Black History Month and the MPD murder of Amir Locke

 The Minneapolis Police Department ushered in Black History Month with another grotesquely unconstitutional, no-knock warrant, Gestapo raid that resulted in the murder of an innocent person of color, Amir Locke, who had been asleep on the couch and was not even connected to the warrant.  This, not even a full two years after the very same PD murdered George Floyd; as a jury found Derek Chauvin guilty, the principal murderer who was convicted of the murder, while the three accessories to the murder are now in federal court facing charges of aiding and abetting the murder.  It's a devastating exposure of the failures of policing and of the judicial system in the United States that the Judge in Chauvin's trial is reportedly the very Judge who signed the no-knock warrant that resulted in Amir Locke's murder.  

The MPD is absolutely shouting out the need to be fundamentally restructured.  Police departments across the nation also require restructuring, but the MPD has singled itself out as beyond the ability to abide by the law and human decency.  It is long past time that the Constitution be upheld and that no-knock warrants entirely cease without any unacceptable exceptions whatsoever, in accordance with the SCOTUS ruling that points out that they are in flagrant violation of the fourth amendment.  The officer who murdered the innocent Amir Locke must be terminated immediately and arrested for murder. 

Friday, January 14, 2022

Voting Rights or Fascism

Ever since the protofascist Roberts' Supreme Court ruled in Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee to gut the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which then allowed for southern states to make changes to their election laws without first getting the wanted changes approved federally, these said states have been working feverishly to suppress the votes of people of color. 

It has been clear ever since the Supreme Court ruling that new voting rights legislation is needed from Congress.  This is made all the more urgent as the GQP continues to issue more voter suppression laws in these very states and furthers what is now a rolling soft coup that unless challenged and reversed will allow for the successful thwarting of the vote and the actual theft of the election which Trump and his MAGAt minions desperately attempted to do in 2020-21.

Martin Luther King Jr. wrote in The Nation during the organizing and activism pushing for the Voting Rights legislation that “[t]here are men in the Senate who now plan to perpetuate the injustices Bull Connor so ignobly defended. His weapons were the high-pressure hose, the club and the snarling dog; theirs is the filibuster. If America is as revolted by them as it was by Bull Connor, we shall emerge with a victory. It is not too much to ask, 101[161] years after the Emancipation, that Senators who must meet the challenge of filibuster do so in the spirit of the heroes of Birmingham.”

That what Martin Luther King Jr. said and wrote of the Voting Rights legislation and the congress people who were opposing it is now as applicable as it was then absolutely refutes Roberts’ ludicrous ruling that the country has changed and that the Voting Rights Act can be gutted.

In the 60s it was congress people such as Bull Connor using the Jim Crow filibuster to thwart civil rights legislation, now it’s the entire GQP and the two republicans in drag Manchin and Sinema.  These two treacherous and corrupt protofascists are now endorsing the policies of white Christian supremacy and fascism.  As Martin Luther King Jr. observed, “[v]oting is the foundation stone for political action,” and for a functioning democracy.  That the entire GQP and two democrats in name only are endorsing the evisceration of democracy it’s very unfortunately not hyperbole to diagnose these policies and politicians as neofascist.

The Jim Crow filibuster must be abolished, Manchin and Sinema need to be primaried out of Congress, the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act must be voted on and passed into law as soon as possible otherwise the GQP voter suppression laws will make it easier for them to take away the Democrat majority in Congress and to speed ever faster towards the slide into abject fascism.