Sunday, April 16, 2006


Thanks to I was just afforded the displeasure of reading a rather long and vainglorious affirmation of the insipid and shallow belief in a supernatural entity/force that was, in this case, referred to as *god*. It is my firm belief that such an affirmation, via my-space messaging no less, is a rather blatant display of theist-egoistic-insecurity. Yes, that seems to be a contradiction but so is every assertion and belief put forth by these individuals and so is every argument spent on behalf of such inane premises. I find that *egoistic-insecurity* covers the characteristic rather well actually; for the majority of these individuals, evangelicals and fundamentalists most especially, present themselves with egregious egoistic smugness and moral superiority but I always sense that deep within their essence there lies an insecurity and uncertainty that belies their false pretenses. Their sureness and composure seem to be nothing more than a weak attempt at hiding their true sense of uncertainty about the world and circumstances in which they live; an extreme form of self delusion and denial of the most important and relevant of issues – those of reality and existence.

I find it rather revealing that such individuals find solace and comfort in numbers. When ever you find that one is forced to resort to “consensus,” then one has nothing to back their argument with whatsoever. One is doing nothing more than pandering to the majority of individuals that “feel” or have “faith” in the very same, intellectually dishonest and inherently false, beliefs that they are straining so hard to vindicate and justify. I find such actions intellectually reprehensible, immoral and embarrassing.