Thursday, July 26, 2007


Those who are accused of being anti-globalization - a position which, by implication, is taken to be archaic, isolationist and selfish – are, in fact, the exact opposite.

The overwhelming majority, if not all, of those who are accused of being anti-globalization are actually in favor of globalization. People such as me, who are so accused, are, despite the propaganda, in favor of a highly integrated world system; a system whereby national boundaries gradually dissolve into the global community as a whole.

It is not that I or anyone else accused of being anti-globalization are actually against globalization, it is that I and many others are opposed to a specific from of globalization, corporate globalization. A globalization focused upon and centered around the furtherance of the neo-liberal, capitalist market-economy. The globalization of massive privatization of such requisites for survival as water, the globalization of development projects and “labor” reforms which push people off of their lands and out of their jobs; in short, the globalization of only money, goods, patents, and services, or, the “free-market,” and all of the inhuman injustice which it necessarily produces.

I fully support and, in fact, dream for another form of globalization, in direct contrast to corporate globalization. I hope for and support social globalization; the globalization of human rights and solidarity, the globalization of universal suffrage, of the free movement of people, of free associations, of women’s rights, of gay rights, of religious, political and economic freedom, complete and unfettered; in short, the globalization of human rights, solidarity and justice.